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Chartered Accountant and Training Manager

About Managing Director

  •  Former Director of Institute of Govt. Accounts and Finance ( INGAF)
  •  Former Director of Public Enterprises – General Treasury
  •  Over 35 years service as Financial Accountant, Auditor, and Training Manager
  •   Member of Institute of Chartered Accountants of Sri Lanka
  •   Member of Institute of Certified Management Accountants
  •   Member of Institute of Management of Sri Lanka
  •   Member of Sri Lanka Institute of Training and Development
  •   Member of Royal Asiatic Society
  •   Bachelor of Business Administration ( J'pura)
  •   Diploma in Public Financial Management
  •   Pg Diploma in Business and Financial Administration

Message of the Managing Director

With great pleasure I inform you that the incorporation of PRAG SERVICE (Pvt.) Ltd, the newest Capacity Building, systems Development and consultancy organization.
PRAG is registered as a Limited Liability Company under the Companies Act of No.7 of 2007, in order to give a strong legal status.
After serving more than 35 long years in various capacities as, an Accountant, Finance Manager, Auditor, Director and Head of a Leading training Institution, I decided to continue my service to the nation under a new organizational structure. I am much grateful to those who requested, demanded, influenced and encourage me to start a new organization.
As the Director of INSTITUTE OF GOVT. ACCOUNTS AND FINANCE (INGAF) I have managed to train more than 45,000 officials from public as well private sector on various subject streams. It seems now there is a vacuum in practical training and skills development in financial and managerial aspects of corporate sector.
PRAG is operating with the association of very capable, well experienced and high calibre recourse panel who could undertake any assignments in their specialised fields.
With the experience gathered during the past 35 years I was able to clearly identify the training needs of corporate sector and to use the most effective training methods and to select the most relevant course contents.
We are focusing on practical aspects, and personality development of the trainees. That is one of our speciality. Trainee centred training process is in operation in all programmes. Maintaining friendly and cordial relationship with trainees and their organizations are our main objective.
I wish remind you that our vision is . . . . to be the best corporate friend of our client organizations and individuals . . We are committed to do so

Wishing you all the best....

Tissa Marsinghe
Managing Director