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    Prag Service Training and Consultancy
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Welcome to, Prag Service Training and Consultancy in Sri Lanka
You are warmly welcome to the PRAG SERVICE(Pvt.)Ltd. (Reg. No. .PV77832) Web Site. PRAG SERVICE is incorporated to provide services of Training and Capacity building, Financial and Management Consultancy, IT solutions and other managerial services to the corporate sector, middle and small scale business organizations, Companies, statutory boards and public corporations, non profit organizations, foreign funded and other projects, provincial and local administrations,etc.

We Provide Best Training Programs in Sri Lanka!

Local & International Trainings

Trainings and Capacity Building programmes for officers of all categories, Conducting workShops/ Seminars / Skills Development Programmes, We arange anykind of Tailor Made Trainings in Sri Lanka.

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Financial & Management Consultancy, Preparation of Accounts, Office and Financial systems development & re-engineering, Preparation of Strategic Plans, Financial and Administrative Manuals, Guidelines and Hand Books etc.

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Finacial Services

Prag institute is the leader in innovative internal audit training, and provides quality, engaging, facilitated learning opportunities for Participants. We are committed to delivering the very best in internal audit training,

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Upcoming Trainings
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Prag Training Institute
Prag Training institute is the training arm of Prag service
Training can be defined as a planned learning experience designed to bring about permanent change in an individual's knowledge, attitudes, or skills

  • Knowledge

    As the body of information – found in the form of facts, procedures and protocols – developed as a result of the learning, knowledge is clearly essential.
  • Skills

    Knowledge alone isn't enough: training should include proactive instruction to carry out the knowledge learned. This leads to the second component of KSA – skills.
  • Attitudes

    The third desired outcome of learning encompasses one's beliefs and/or opinions, which are manifested in behavior. These factors will determine a student's motivation to learn and will subsequently affect one's ability to gain both knowledge and skills.

Featured Trainings
Prag Service provides different type of training programs for all government and private sector employees

Internal Auditing

Internal Audit Training

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Salary Management

Salary Management Training. වැටුප් කළමනාකරණය හා වැටුප් පරිවර්තන

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Cash Protection

Cash Protection Training

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Procurement Procedure

Basic Procurement Procedure Training

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Personal Files

Personal Files Training

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Basic Taxation

Basic Taxation Training

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